Delivery of cargo

Shipping to the Middle Abroad and Europe performed by road and by sea (shipping containers) in Asia and Africa. Items may be shipped from the warehouse of our company to the destination using  transport of customer with our assistance in finding the carrier. For transportation by vehicles usually used trucks with capacity of 20 tons

Boot volume with the natural moisture content of wood is 30 m3, with a moisture content of 10-12% - up to 40 m3 in one machine. trucks are used only tilts side-loading and removable racks. Kit of small house or a bath can be delivered in a single shipment. If the house is big, it's transported by parts, according to the delivery schedule and phasing, starting from the bottom, that you can immediately begin to build the house. Upon delivery by sea, used shipping containers  40f, capacity 70m3, weight 33 tons. Cost of services of a customs broker is approximately $ 200 per transport unit and included in the contract price.