Times delivery

Our company guarantees delivery deadlines specified in the contract, as well as high quality products.
Management company will help You make the right choice technology of construction, selection or development of the project, as well a complete set for building a house. Information on building technologies and finished projects can be found in sections of the site of our company, as well writing an e-mail or by calling the company.
Kit of the wooden house for export may be in the following versions and materials:

  •  " Constructive " - kit of the house (walls) of laminated veneer lumber or logs bowls with the kickoff of the project, to which was attached a diagram of the assembly;
  •  "Base" - constructive and lumber ( joists, rafters, battens, counter-rail, subfloor board, consumables for installation);
  • Turnkey " - with the kickoff constructive bowls, lumber, wood finishing - finishing floor board,
    boards for filing ceilings, trim, baseboard, oak dowel; insulation between logs, expendable materials, delivery, installation using our employees.

Based on the chosen configuration, coordinated the timing of delivery, prescribed in the contract.
As a rule, after agreement of payment, delivery time is 4-5 weeks.