LLC "Modern wooden houses" makes glulam on its own wood processing enterprises, which are equipped with modern high-tech equipment for the production of timber and its processing and linings of bowls.

Production of laminated veneer lumber begins with sawing and drying of wood ( board ) to a moisture content of 10-12% in the drying chambers with automatic control modes (up to 800 m3 of softwood per month). Then dry boards pass through planer (Weinig) and calibration line where marked and cut defects ( pitch pockets , large and black knots , bark, blue , etc.). When sorting timber verified quality, aesthetic parameters , which are accounted for under gluing lumber, from solid slats. After sorting workpiece spliced on spike notched. Now glued board, planed and trimming in size.

Past processing boards are glued together to press Weima, while exterior slats must be glued in a specific order (fiber direction), which helps to minimize cracking and to make  wooden beam visually beautiful. Our production has presses up to 24 meters, which allows us to produce glulam, beam up to 24 meters, as well as bend-glulam beam and various sections of the beam with a maximum height of 2.5 meters to 24 meters in length, with a maximum deflection to 7 meters.

Glulam can be 2, 3, 5-layered and more (determined by the number of boards glued together). The finished glulam planed, profiled and trimmed in the butt. Our production multifunction machines with computer control software that allows you to achieve maximum accuracy in the processing of the material, and thus get the best quality product. Use tools Leitz.

Our company is engaged in and the traditional construction of wooden houses - log houses made of logs and "wild" log. We offer round logs with a diameter of 18 to 34 mm of softwood - pine, carpathian spruce. Round logs produced on special machines , getting the correct geometry for the entire length of the timber , planed  stowage recess and compensating groove , which serves to relieve internal stress in wood. Wood surface after machining becomes a smooth, uniform , without irregularities and dents . These logs help you save money , increase the speed of installation of the structure , while remaining environmentally friendly product .

 The volume of production logs up to 800 m3 per month.