Bent-glued constructions

The main types of designs produced by "Modern wooden houses":

  • Beams;
  • Frames;
  • Trusses;
  • Archs.

Using of bent glued-laminated wooden structures:

  1. Public facilities;
  2. Athletic facilities;
  3. Objects of technical and agricultural purpose;
  4. Buildings with special requirements for corrosion resistance, acoustics, and seismic stability and radiotransparency;
  5. Bearing elements, the details of low-rise buildings, interior details;
  6. Objects of transport destination;


Scheme for construction of support characteristicsCharacteristicsLength (L)Height (h)
  Direct (cross-section does not change ) 6-24 h~L/15 to 2000mm
  Gable truss unbroken 6-24 h~L/25
  Beam unbroken boomerang shaped 6-24 h~L/25
  Roof truss with tightening rod 6-24 h~L/40
  Beam arched , Bent glued with tightening rod 6-24 h~L/35
  Beam arched , Bent glued (cross-section does not change ) 6-24 h~L/35
  Supporting beam with tightening rod 6-24 h~L/30
  Three hinged frame 6-24 -
  Lenticular truss curved on both sides 6-24 h~L/8
  Lenticular truss curved top 6-24 h~L/8
  Lenticular truss curved bottom 6-24 h~L/8
  Truss lenticular with reinforced support beam 6-24 h~L/8
  Bent glued beam boomerang shaped 6-24 h~L/25
  Triangular truss with radial lower beam 6-24 H~L/3

The main types of trusses and beams and their application:

Lenticular truss mounted on bearing walls or supporting pillars. Maximum span length of 20-25 meters, in combination with conventional laminated beams to provide a reliable bridging with the vertical load on the premises with a minimum content of massive walls and supporting structures, such as sports centers, water parks and swimming pools, as well as exhibition halls and complexes entertainment themes.

Beams with reinforced bottom part, as well as direct with constant cross section with a maximum span length up to 15m., Which is used in the overlap of small studios, auditorium and gyms departmental agencies, as well as sites of production areas, art studios, penthouses, etc. Beams of this type are designed to support vertical loads.

Beams arched, bent glued is a reliable overlap for shopping and sports halls, pedestrian bridges and crossings. This form of the beams has a good margin of safety, and does not bend under vertical load.


Radial beam with mobile support. Bending radius of this type supports almost coincides with the height of the room, and has a small change of the geometry (eg chord length depending on the load). Radial beam also has a good margin of safety against vertical load, can be used for hangars, warehouses, facilities light industry.

Bent glued truss with a support on a horizontal surface. Has a rigid fixing of bases supports, capable of covering more than 40m arena's span length . In essence, this farm for a single shell, where the walls and perform the role of the roof. Designed to cover large areas and areas designed to provide substantial internal volume of space at nearly the reference stiffness. Ergonomics shape easily withstand both vertical and lateral or wind

Dome truss with support on the surface of the ring. Should have a rigid fixing at the bottom of bent-laminate beams and the upper part of the general combining convergence of all beams in the center. Truss distributes shell load over the entire circumference based on a ring and may be used as a covering for round and oval space.


Truss of bent-laminated beams for the construction of the dome building. Has absolute ergonomics and distribution of radial and vertical loads. Must be a rigid fixing at the bottom and top horizontal part in the support ring. Truss of bent-laminated beams can be used for dome coverings already finished buildings and for freestanding dome houses, saunas and gazebos, etc.

Dimensions sections, constructive solution beams, arches, frames for covering large spans in structures and buildings is determined by the design calculations.