Dome construction

Thanks to a first production in Ukraine of bend-glued balk mastered by "Modern wooden houses" has now become possible to build domed structures using solid radial beams connected via special mounting at the base on the foundation and the top point of convergence. Previously, for the construction of a dome house offered to collect complex construction of straight beams connected in a triangular segments, resembling a geodesic grid. Now this is not necessary.

Construction of bent-glued beams

Construction of bent-glued beams is simple, is self-supporting and has two seats support bracket -top and bottom. Glued beams curved at a certain radius connecting the top at one point to form a true spherical dome, distributing the load bearing on the whole area of the hemisphere -uniformly. This form of the house particularly resistant to wind loads and can be used for construction of buildings in areas where the movement of air masses from moving zones of high and low pressure forms a permanent change in wind direction -for example, in the mountains or along the coasts.

Besides dome houses production of " Modern wooden houses " can make a curved support beams to the size of the cross section of 220 mm x 2500 mm and lengths up to 24 meters. This allows you to create large areas of overlap without interior columns, as well as create Curved farm building on a horizontal surface. Thus, the basis for joists may serve as a load-bearing walls or supporting pillars and the very foundation. It is convenient for the construction of hangars, warehouses, swimming pools and entertainment centers, etc.

For the reader at first glance it may seem that this technology has been successfully applied only to large objects and is expensive -but it is not. The main component of our dome home - it's bent-laminated wooden beams and wooden frame they should be not much. Then frame sheathed any available material for the client. At home dome of bent-laminated beams no technological differences between the walls and roof -here is one and the same.

You can choose for themselves any preferred material: shingles, soft bitumen roofing, standing seam or slate covering and even ceramic. In Western Europe, curved beams are used not only to build houses with the correct spherical dome, but also for organizing attics, terraces, pavilions, barbecue grills, tents and other things. There are successful examples of dome construction bathhouse.

We invite architects and designers to develop interesting projects using curved beams both in capital construction and to provide comprehensive solutions for the improvement personal area of land with elements of landscape design or arrangement of dome elements restaurants, cafes, bungalows. We are confident that the possibility of using advanced technology of our production you can create your own style with a good range of industrial innovation and your imagination.

Dome structures, innovative proposals using gnutokleenyh designs from the Company "Modern Wooden Houses " Ukraine Kiev.