Garden houses

Garden houses - made of wood , great and relatively not expensive solution. Garden houses an excellent place to stay, cozy and warm, and thanks to this - wooden garden houses are becoming more popular. Wooden garden house will serve you a safe haven from the bustle of the metropolis.

Construction and planning of the garden houses executed taking into account individual wishes of the customer.

This takes into account:

  1. Functionality of the garden house (whether home is only for seasonal or year-round)
  2. Geographical location plot (depending on the climatic zone of the place, whether the house is built in the northern or tropical countries )
  3. Type and size of the material to be used in the construction of wooden garden house.

Our company is very carefully think over all factors of construction:

  • soil feature
  • relief area of plot
  • take into account the taste and financial possibilities of the customer ( for each project applicable individual professional qualitative approach )
  • type and dimensions of the material of which is planned to build a garden house . ( Thickness and diameter of the walls, beams , truss system , etc)