Glued joists

Glued structural beams - modern tech building material, has become commonplace in the U.S. and Europe due to its high and operational characteristic.

"Modern wooden houses", manufactures laminated beams overlap with equipment companies and Weining Hundegger. The production process itself, does not differ from the manufacturing technology of laminated wall timber, except adhesive systems. Raw materials (pine, spruce carpathian larch) supplied to the production line of production are carefully selected. Whole logs are sawn into boards (slats) and sent to dryers, where there are up to 10-12% moisture content. After drying the workpiece comes on sorting line where removes all defective places. Finishing material build up in length as boards (slats), which subsequently polished and glued into a balk under high pressure. Our production has the ability to glue beams to 24m in length. In automatic mode, according to project documents, drilled all necessary technological holes and gashes for further installation material to the construction site.


Glued structural beams can withstand high operating loads. Strength indices allow to use this material in construction of buildings and structures for various purposes: covering industrial, public and industrial buildings and structures (including corrosive environments), bridges, floors, balconies and many other reinforced construct. Also, such construct harmoniously with other building materials and fit into any architectural style - from the national to the "high-tech"

The main types of designs produced by "Modern wooden houses":

  1. Construction beams;
  2. Glued wooden trusses;
  3. Systems of rafters;
  4. Arched construct.

Dimensions of sections, a constructive solution is determined in accordance design calculation, specifications, technical specifications, building codes, developed by our architects and engineers.

The most important advantages:

  • Humidity of 10-12% over the entire section, thus avoiding exposure of the material to mold fungi;
  • The front surface of high quality and does not require further machining;
  • Increased load capacity with its low weight allows you to increase the size and area of overlapping premises;
  • Installation dimensions - accurate and stable;
  • Resistance geometry of the structure to deformation ;
  • Ease of assembly and processing directly on the construction site;
  • Ability to create designs of all sizes and shapes of cross-section;
  • Transportability. Installation costs and lower transportation costs, compared with other traditional materials for similar goals.
Scheme for construction of support characteristicsCharacteristicsLength (L)Height (h)
  Direct (cross-section does not change ) 6-24 h~L/15 to 2000mm
  Gable truss unbroken 6-24 h~L/25
  Beam unbroken boomerang shaped 6-24 h~L/25
  Roof truss with tightening rod 6-24 h~L/40
  Beam arched , Bent glued with tightening rod 6-24 h~L/35
  Beam arched , Bent glued (cross-section does not change ) 6-24 h~L/35
  Supporting beam with tightening rod 6-24 h~L/30
  Three hinged frame 6-24 -
  Lenticular truss curved on both sides 6-24 h~L/8
  Lenticular truss curved top 6-24 h~L/8
  Lenticular truss curved bottom 6-24 h~L/8
  Truss lenticular with reinforced support beam 6-24 h~L/8
  Bent glued beam boomerang shaped 6-24 h~L/25
  Triangular truss with radial lower beam 6-24 H~L/3
  • Certificate of origin of wood;
  • Phytosanitary certificate;
  • Radiological monitoring of construction activities;
  • Waybill
  • Contract
  • Invoice