Kits of houses from glued beams

Company "Modern wooden houses" has mass production of glued profiled beam, which retains all the positive qualities of wood. Complete sets of houses from glued beams of prefabrication we deliver to the building site as a "mounting kits" where on the finished basement house is going for a few days.

brus scheme 

The process of manufacturing the kit houses from glued beams.
On the production line, we trim off the ends of squared beam in size according to the working draft and mill of "bowls." Referring to the drawings we drilled holes for fixed rods and nogs , cut out slots for the installation of windows and doors. Kit of home includes a full list of materials from wood produced in our manufacture, with machined blanks, which are fully consistent project documentation:

  1. Trimming in size;
  2. Milling under the compound;
  3. Drilling holes for rods and nogs ;
  4. Drilling vertical holes for electrical wiring;
  5. Milling slots in windows and doorways;
  6. Labeling elements relevant project documentation;
  7. All elements are processed antiseptic.


Basic kit houses from glulam.

Name material


Set of external, internal walls


Bearing joists house (terraces, balconies)


Set truss system


Set door and window trim frame


Mounting hardware kit




Project documentation

You get a full set of labeled, packaged parts for construction in accordance with the design documentation.

Separately discussed additional set finishing and molded materials:

  1. Molded;
  2. Floor board;
  3. Imitation glulam;
  4. Blockhouse;
  5. Platbands (window, door);
  6. Plinth;
  7. Nog;
  8. Insulation's gasket in the wall

Contract supervision and assembling are negotiated separately.

Benefits of houses from glued profiled beam:

  1. Minimal shrinkage, cracking and warping. Interior work can be carried out immediately after installation of the walls.
  2. Environmentally friendly.
  3. Low weight and low bulk density.
  4. No cracks - low thermal conductivity and high thermal insulation properties.
  5. Fire resistance.
  6. Tightness of the grooves provides monolithic walls and does not require additional processing and finishing inside and outside.
  7. In wall beam grooves and ridges provide a reliable rigid fixing relative to each other.
  8. High strength and earthquake resistant structures.
  9. Ready wall home kit reduces construction time and also allows you to build any time of year.
  10. Length glued beams can reach 24m

Provide the package of all necessary documents for customs services:

  • Certificate of origin of wood;
  • Phytosanitary certificate;
  • Radiological monitoring of construction activities;
  • Waybill
  • Contract
  • Invoice