Kits of houses made ​​of logs

Company "Modern wooden house " provides a full cycle of processes for the production of logs from the forest softwood ( pine and spruce Carpathian ) , from sorting logs to manufacturing ready-to- build kits. Set of log manufactured strictly according to the project documentation , including its composition, manufacturing specifications and includes a detailed plan of the walls for assembly. We also offer a large selection of houses , baths, restaurants and other facilities, which can be found on our website in the Projects section , which will surprise you exquisite design and operational characteristic.

What is round logs:


To date, logs one of the most popular building materials, processed to a cylindrical shape having a flat and smooth surface. Made from softwood forests (pine and spruce сarpathian) with diameters of 160 to 240 mm.

Technological stages of production of facilities set:

  1. Manufacturing of the cylindrical preform.
    Before proceeding to the cylindering logs, on the production is estimated curvature of the feedstock, respectively to the standards. Surface treatment of logs produced by woodworking machines to a smooth and rounded shape. Round logs has a diameter of from 160 to 240 mm.

  2. Tenderloin longitudinal groove (thermal lock).
    Thermal lock, ie the coupling groove, provides a snug fit of the logs , prevents the penetration of outside air and freezing of logs.

  3. Compensation groove of log.
    Serves to reduce the internal stress during drying logs.

  4. Milling bowls according to stacking of logs.
    Made on a special machine.

  5. Processing antiseptic composition.
    Processing of antiseptic timber needed for protection during transportation and assembly, and also serves as a base for subsequent paint coatings wood processing.

  6. Trimming logs in size and marking.
    The marking specifies the relationship and place of logs in the wall.

House kit properly prepared for transport. According to the approved schedule of deliveries and delivered by parts to the customer object.

Content of the basic set

Name material


Set of external, internal walls


Bearing joists house (terraces, balconies)


Set truss system


Set door and window trim frame


Mounting hardware kit




Project documentation

Additionally, we offer a complete set of molded house finishing materials: wall paneling, flooring, skirting and so on.

Contract supervision and assembling are negotiated separately.

What are the advantages of houses made of logs:

  1. Precision manufacturing and labeling logs greatly accelerate the process of building;

  2. Aesthetic appearance;

  3. Environmentally friendly and favorable microclimate inside the house;

  4. Natural ventilation, humidity control;

  5. Strength and durability;

  6. Insulation;

  7. Possibility of construction in all climatic conditions.

Provide the package of all necessary documents for customs services:

  • Certificate of origin of wood;
  • Phytosanitary certificate;
  • Radiological monitoring of construction activities;
  • Waybill
  • Contract
  • Invoice