Kits of houses made ​​of wild-logs

"Modern wooden houses" produces and sells log houses of hand-mec projects of any complexity. This technology is quite complex and requires highly skilled and conscientious performance.

Manufacturing Technology:

  1. At the initial stage are chosen logs with a certain diameter from the forest softwood (pine, spruce).
  2. The next step - processing logs. Processing of logs is carried by an ax and a plane. Each chopped stem must be carefully cleaned by hand without additional mechanical interventions.
  3. Further, according to the project documentation chopped groove and elements of locks for connection to each other logs. As the insulation is possible to use flax, jute - natural environmental seals that laid between the logs. Typically, the diameter of logs is 24 - 50 cm


We provide the following types of logging:

«Russian bowl »

Русская чаша

«Canadian bowl»


Basic set of wild log home:

Name material


Set of external, internal walls


Bearing joists house (terraces, balconies)


Set truss system


Set door and window trim frame


Mounting hardware kit




Project documentation

All elements of the kit are handling antiseptic composition.

Also, we can man up your house such kinds of molded decoration materials:

  1. Glulam imitation;
  2. Blockhouse;
  3. Molded;
  4. Floor board;
  5. Skirting and other.

Benefits of wild log homes:

  1. Eco-friendly material;
  2. Water vapor permeability of the wooden house is characterized by humid and optimal oxygen balance;
  3. The unique property of a wooden house to "breathe" and maintain the internal microclimate;
  4. High aesthetic quality;
  5. Durability and strength of logs;
  6. High speed assembly.
  • Certificate of origin of wood;
  • Phytosanitary certificate;
  • Radiological monitoring of construction activities;
  • Waybill
  • Contract
  • Invoice